T Post Brackets

T post brackets are most often used in t post fences to attach such things as a reel that holds the fence wire. We make a bracket that is self tightening and strong enough to hold a heavy, full roll of wire. We also carry t post brackets for mounting fence chargers directly on the post. An important part of an electric fence is the insulators. Insulated t post brackets wrap around the t post and are used to hold the wire in place. We offer them in black or white. They are available individually or in bags of 25.

T post brackets can also be used to support vinyl railing. The t post bracket we have for this purpose consists of a cap that fits over the top of the t post, clips to mount it on the t post, and an adapter that the railing goes through. Pins hold the railing in place, and a stud for an electric fence is included. The cap, clips, adapter, pins and stud are sold together in a kit.

Another type of t post bracket that we carry is used as an anchor for supporting a handle that is part of a gate for an electric fence. The bracket part of the anchor wraps around the t post and a screw in the middle of the anchor is used to tighten it to the post.

We carry an almost endless number of brackets for wooden and steel posts as well. We have a corner post bracket that screws into a wooden post and acts as an insulator. The insulator, in the form of a spool provides a way for the wire to turn the corner on an electric fence.

Brackets made to go around steel poles that fasten to wooden fence posts can be used to install flags and signs. Other brackets are used to put up caution signs that are often on electric fences. Brackets are sometimes used to install wood railings to wooden posts to avoid toe nailing or unsightly nails. Screws are used to install a joiner bracket that works like a sleeve and fits between the railing and the post.

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