T Post Covers

Unlike t post caps, t post covers cover the whole post. They are particularly useful in building decorative fencing around decks and pools, but they can also be used to spruce up a livestock fence that is made of vinyl or wood. They are extremely attractive on a fence that goes around a large estate or ranch. We carry t post covers that are made from polyurethane and are very durable. Virtually maintenance free, they are resistant to water and will not fade or crack. We offer them in simulated stone in colors of gray, tan, and natural. They are available in different sizes, including those designed to fit over a 6 inch by 6 inch wooden or vinyl square post. These t post covers, although designed to fit over square posts, can also be used over regular t posts by using shims between the post and the cover to tighten them around the post. A matching t post cap, which we also have in stock, is then placed on top of the t post cover.

We also carry vinyl cladding and sleeves. Cladding comes in four pieces that fit over a square wooden post. It includes a base at the bottom so the system is perfect for posts that are on decks or porches. The sleeves are in one piece and also include a base. Both cladding and sleeves come in numerous lengths and widths to accommodate the height and width of the posts. In addition to vinyl cladding and sleeves, we offer a vinyl post wrap that fits around a 4 inch by 4 inch wooden post. It is especially useful in applications where a post is supporting an existing roof, such as over a patio.

If you have old or rotted wood posts on a deck or patio that need replaced, you can use a combination of our vinyl cladding, sleeves, and wraps to make the whole project look new. All three products are available in white or green.

For a truly unique t post cover, we have several different styles of birdhouses and mailboxes. Fitted over round vinyl t posts, they can be used as stand alone additions to a back yard setting; or, when installed on a fence, can add beauty as well as functionality.

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