T Post Gate

A simple t post gate can be formed by using several different components which include an anchor, spring, and a handle. Basically, the gate is an extension of the electric wire on the fence, but is made to disconnect the current when you open it. Using the handle to reattach the wire, the current is then put back in force.

The type of anchor we have in stock is used by attaching it to the t post by way of a screw that is tightened in the center. Hooks are on either side where the handle is attached. To make a t post gate, the anchor is installed on one t post. One end of a long spring is attached to the opposite t post and one end of the handle is attached to the other end of the spring. The other end of the handle has a hook that fastens on to the anchor.

We have a spring that will stretch to 16 feet, and we have several types of handles available. One is spring loaded which helps to tighten the gate. Another kind we carry has a grip that is insulated and is excellent to use if the gate is used frequently, particularly by children. Our handles come in bright yellow and red so they can readily be seen. For wooden posts, our strong bungee cord, along with two insulators on both posts can be used in place of the spring.

Using wood posts instead of t posts for the sides of a gate will provide extra strength and afford more choices in styles of gates. The electric portion of the fence can be continued through the gate by way of insulators installed on the posts. We have wire filled, as well as tubular gates. They range in size from 6 to18 feet in length and up to 50 inches in height. We have an almost endless supply of gate hinges, including tees and strap hinges. We offer a pipe gate hinge for a strong livestock gate. This type of hinge makes the gate easy to lift off and remove when necessary. Add one of our wheels at the bottom of the gate for ease in opening. We also have a variety of gate locks and latches.

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