T Post Trellis

A t post trellis can be used to accent any fence, but is often used in yards as an arbor or archway for flowers or plants. An entire t post trellis system is sometimes used for vineyards to support grape vines. Making a t post trellis is really quite simple and is a great way to use leftover fencing. There are two styles that work well in providing support for climbing roses, ivy, or other vines.

One style of t post trellis is made by forming a square with 4 t posts in each corner. Attaching one piece of fencing on the bottom and top of two t posts and forming an arch, the fencing is then attached to the other to t posts on the top and bottom. You can make the archway as wide or as narrow as you want by placing the t posts further apart or closer together. The length of the trellis is determined by the height of the piece of fencing you use. The key to the success of this type of t post trellis is to use fencing strong enough to maintain the arch without buckling. We have a 16 and a 14 gauge galvanized welded wire that comes in 1 inch by 1 inch spacing, and comes in green, brown and white.

Another style of t post trellis is a variation of the 4 t post style trellis. Adding 3 taller t posts in the middle of the two t posts on the sides provides support for a piece of fencing, and forms a roof instead of an arch. This same t post trellis can be built over a fence line, using the fence in the middle to form the peak in the roof. You can either use 1 piece of fencing to go over the whole assembly, or 2 pieces, each attached to the middle t posts and the side t posts. A less heavy wire can be used for this type of t post trellis. The galvanized woven mesh fence wire that we carry is perfect for the job. With 2 inch by 4 inch spacing, the height of 48 inches provides 13 wires across. This provides strength, yet flexibility.

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