T Post Fencing

T post fencing is some of the easiest and most affordable fencing to install. It is a simple, yet effective, means of providing a barrier. T post fences are often used to contain or exclude animals. It’s great as a garden fence, when the objective is to keep unwanted animals out, or as a pasture or corral fence, to keep the desired animals in.

Fencing T posts are long, thin metal poles molded or forged which have the shape of a T when viewed from the top or bottom. It is very easy to do a DIY T post project, because the thin shape of the posts allows you to drive them into the ground easily with a simple tool. Multiple holes along the fence T post allows for wire to be easily strung between them. This can be either smooth or barbed wire, depending on the application. Making a long fence is simply a matter of using more fence T posts and longer wire. For animal corrals, the fence can also be electrified.

Another benefit of T post fencing is its affordability. Since the T posts are thin pieces of metal, they are not expensive like wood posts and are even more economical than the hollow posts used for chain-link fencing. The wire strung between the T posts is thin and straight, which further increases affordability since it doesn’t require the weaving that chain link does.

The professionals at TPosts.com are able to tell you all the ins-and-outs of installing T post fences. They know how to best install the posts, so they will stay sturdy and upright for years to come. They can also advise you on what other hardware you will need for a successful installation, such as caps, clips, and brackets. Contact TPosts.com today and speak with a representative to find out all you need to know to do your DIY T post fencing project.

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