Galvanized T Posts

Galvanized t posts are particularly desirable in humid climates, in areas exposed to sea air or in areas where the soil is damp a lot of the time. The process called hot dip galvanizing is used on steel t posts and involves a series of cleaning, removing rust through an acid bath, rinsing, and finally dipping the posts in molten zinc which adheres to the surface and forms a much stronger, more durable post. Galvanizing protects the steel and prevents corrosion and rust. Our galvanized t posts are available with various thicknesses of zinc coating to allow for different strengths. Depending on such factors as how strong the fence needs to be and the amount and strength of wire used, will determine the type of galvanized t posts needed.

Another important advantage to using our galvanized t posts is that they provide better grounding for electrical wire. Galvanized t posts fill in gaps when shifting of the soil causes grounding rods to move. Electricity travels from the charger to the fence wire and from the charger to the ground wire. When an animal touches the fence wire, the animal completes the circuit, so if a fence is not properly grounded, it will not deliver a shock.

In addition, our galvanized t posts last at least 3 times longer than conventional t posts. Depending on which thickness of zinc is used in the galvanizing process, some of our galvanized t posts can last up to 30 years. Choose the right one for your needs. Not having to replace posts as often saves you time and money.

Another advantage in using galvanized t posts is the availability of galvanized fencing products. It is recommended that you use the same metals throughout an electric fence. Copper, for instance, is frequently used as ground wire, but it may not be cost effective to use copper for the entire fence. We have all the galvanized fencing products you need to help you build a fence that is strong, sturdy, durable, and cost effective.

Galvanized t posts can be used to build fences around gardens and other ornamental areas. Galvanization makes the t posts looks silver and so can be aesthetically pleasing. If you prefer, our galvanized t posts can be painted, which will also add to their life span.

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