Steel T Posts

Steel t posts are used for perimeter fencing because it is strong and durable. They are also sometimes used for what is referred to as cross-fencing (interior fenced-off areas that provide alternate grazing), as well as temporary fencing. Temporary fencing is often used to allow cattle or other livestock to graze on land that needs clearing.

Our steel t posts are available in heights from 3 to 8 feet and are studded to allow simple and efficient installation of wire. The studs provide “grooves” for the wire to go through and keep the wire in place on the t post. The t-shape at the bottom of each post makes tapping the post in the ground easier and helps stabilize each post. For use in temporary fencing, the steel t posts can be removed for reuse.

In addition to plain steel t posts, we offer painted steel t posts that are painted with a primer and a double coat of paint. This helps protect the metal from rust and corrosion. Our painted steel t posts last longer for more permanent fencing; with posts not having to be replaced as often, painted steel t posts save you time and money.

Steel t posts provide extra strength to an existing wooden post fence. For example, you can distribute our steel t posts evenly between the wooden posts that form the corners of the fence and attach the electric wire with clips in each stud area on the steel t posts. Installing these extra steel t posts will strengthen the existing fence. It will also help tighten and stabilize the electric wiring. In addition, steel t posts will help ground the electric wire should the existing ground wires shift or come loose.

Steel t posts can be used to build an entire fence as well. They are convenient in that you do not have to dig post holes, so it takes less time to build a fence. Using one of our post drivers to install the t posts saves you money because you do not have to rent or buy a post hole digger or auger.

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